The sport you should do according to your age Trends


Fun is fun for a physical and mental health In addition, sport also influences our minds mood and self-esteem.

It should be noted that sport or exercise is not well known fit for us.

according to Julie Broderick of the Trinity College in Dublin He examined the most appropriate sporting types of life.

In youth and youth

We recommend trying different sports, because they are encouraging skills development. From swimming to fun mystery or fight

When they grow up, some will have an interest in the sport, but they must be kept physical activity such as gymnastics or swimming.

At the age of 20 and 30 years

The second floor is and the body usually pumpes more oxygen in the muscles and so is the right age to be; Try to play sporting, weights or athletes.

For those on the third floor, there are very good exercises HIT (high-speed and short-term). So you can maintain flexibility and strength. It is also recommended that a bicycle be ridden.

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At age 40 and 50

The body grows slightly slimmer, metabolism and elasticity changes too. So do exercises strength so cufflinks and exercises athletic tools.

Including weekly attendant sessions in the best choice and cardiovascular exercise is very important, you can walk.

At 60

At this age diseases they will come as the years come, but exercise will reduce disease risk stories that is why it is appropriate to make football and light exercises strength and flexibility.

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