The sports inspector sat on a dietary union. Changes are essential


today 15:35

Slòcaia's sports spokesperson, Alica Fister, has recommended that the Biathlon Slovakia Association (SZB) take several steps immediately.

Paulina Fialkova spoke about the consensus to the union: we want to change those things >>

SITA was led by a law firm GARANT PARTNER, who represented Paulina and Ivona Fialk's biathlon competition. According to this report, in accordance with the Sports Act, SZB has embraced guidance on the rights and responsibilities of a sports assistant to align the law on sport to engage in contractual relationships that will The management of sporting activities under the Sports Act and disciplinary action if the SCB group decision is agreed in accordance with regulations within the SZB, the Act on Sport and the Constitution of Slovak Republic.

The union responds to Fialka sisters: Do not worry about & # 39; registering your contract >>

Fialka Sisters from the Baltic Society of Baltic Society (DK SZB) Discontinuation Commission defeated the start of foodthlon competitions associated with the Soviet Republic. As a reason for this step, the DK SZB said that the two athletes from the Dukla Banská Bystrica University did not enter into a contract signed by the other representatives. Sportsmen who have left a bargain by a lawyer can go out in a marketing field; contract.

According to Biathlon lawyers, who, among other things, ranked fifth at the 2018 Olympic Games in Pjongchang, SZB broke the Act on Sport as well as the production of Biathlon Laws to Slock at inter- nationally through its actions against the Fialkovi sisters.

"The legal law of GARANT PARTNER is rewriting the request on the Biathlon Federation of Slovakia to complete its illegal activity against Fialkov's sisters, which lasts several months, and gives a representative of the Republic of Slovakia, who named the Fialka nurses and allowed Fialka nurses to represent the Slovak Republic. At the same time, we confirm that Fialka spirits have a & # 39; respect the legal framework in the use and value-value of their personal rights by the Biathlon Federation of Slovak Republic under the relevant provisions of the Sport Act, "said Peter Haňdiak, the SITA group.

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