The stable dollar closed Terms of Use


On Tuesday, the dollar closed at $ 38.75 at the average price per day distributed by Bank; Midtown, in a day where there was a request in the last part of the day.

The retail department, for its part, worked for the second day after its rising, rising ten cells to settle at $ 37.81.

On this day, he had 634 million dollars; , in advance of 13.8% compared to the previous day.

Within this framework, the interest rate on the Bills decreases by 7 days 58.97%, down 26 basics from Monday.

In the daily auction, the Median Bank won $ 141,172 million pesos, above $ 163,633 million, which was estimated to increase the liquidity of $ 24,058 million.

The auditor Christan Buteler said "a range of more than $ 100,000 has gone into the economy in the last four days, that the BCRA has a wide range to move within the financial objectives."

With today's fall in the flat rate, the authority cut a two-day strike two days up.

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