The stars are left with their parents: the dead are not sad, the illness for purpose …


1. May Phiemong Diem

Diva's life Mai Diem Phuong was suffering even when he lost. The "Madonna of Asia", who died of cancer in her 40s.

At the end of her life, she has not put her white bridal dress as a real desire, lost her love story with two men in his life.

However, the years for preparing to leave, instead of comforting words, encouraging from relatives, she always received calls from her mother; opposing the remoteness of the will, leaving all of your property on your own.

Before his death, Dad Diem Phuong certified: "Every month for a mother 70,000 yuan live expenses, the rest of the educational property that was set up for the children, you will introduce very good Liu Boi buildings."

However, Dam My Kim was not happy with this, asking the court to take all her possessions for the purpose that the daughter did not devolve in a clear mental setting.

Mai Diem Phuong's mother often complains that she is poor, she does not eat enough to be able to obtain public permission and take over her daughter's legacy.

After knowing that this purpose can not be done, her mother Sale of the icons, even her daughter's clothes, made the web extremely angry.

After losing complex shapes, Mai Diem Phuong's mother had more than 2 million Hong Kong dollars (6 billion) in solicitor fees and was broken in 2012.

After a break, Mai Diem Phuong's mother is still receiving 30,000 dollars of Hong Kong (90 million) a month, but she still wants poverty and wants her. Court raised up to 120,000 Hong Kong dollars (360 million).

It was not until 2016 that the dispute of Mai Diem Phuong was ordered and his share returned to HK $ 120,000.

But, because he wants to raise the whole family, I do not know "eaten without sitting," Dam says he is living very hard and asked to raise up to 200 Hong Kong dollars (600 million) per month.

After trying, Ms. Dam again to apply all the remaining properties of Mai Diem Phuong but miss it.

So far, Ms. Dam has been 95 years old and did not stop trying to get her. keeping her daughter dead 15 years ago. She went to Hong Kong court, asking for another 200,000 Hong Kong dollars ($ 595 million) to pay for its 91-year-old decay "to be sold".

Mother Mai Diem Phuong said she was 61 years old and 71 years old when she was still alive. His 91-year-old competition had not been organized and wanted to be able to "make up" and organize it. The site is a hotel in the Loan Tu sa March next year with more than 30 entertaining cards.

2. Truong Ham

Zhang Shaoham is one of her beauty in many regret. The integrity of excellence became a job as a wind, but in 2008 Zhang opened his / her; The mother and mother of her relationship have sent a press conference.

Shortly after, Zhang Luo's mother, drug drug addict and funeral girl. The actress refused the information and put the truth that she was too tired for all her money she had won for 10 years.

As a result of losing money, Zhang's mother took money to pay off the debt, but she did not. Her bank account is just the number of zero, and her white actress after her main role.

Truong Tam's mother and daughter cut their hair, and fought on the street

Participating in a showbiz at the age of 15, Truong Ham made money up to pay their family and support themselves. In those years, her mother became a manager in work and finance. She saved her money and made her daughter bright.

Later on, there was information that Zhang's father needed to go to Vietnam to open a pub. She also acted as an actress Zhang for her parents to become ill but she did not give a dong.

The facts about Thràm have risen before the news, but most of her supported her by the previous Zhang's actions because their mother was too much.

3. Mao Xiaobo

Long ago, it was said that the biological father of a female freedman who was pulled by his poor situation was not to help her from a wealthy and well-known daughter.

Although the cut did not mention the name of Mao Xiaodong, but through the program information and shared by the person, his actress born in 1988 was expressed.

This person says that his now-known, female-starred, star-starred star of hundreds of millions of yuan (equivalent to hundreds of billion), but not supporting him.

She also told her that she had come to the set to meet her daughter, but she wanted her. At the show, the man said he wanted to make his daughter's "weight", who was willing to take it to court and asked for up to 50 million yuan (175 billion) in compensation for the materials. and spiritually.

As soon as this information was posted, a wave of brothers and beliefs were raised from their father. Many think that this person is eating alone, and # 39; excavating his daughter to drink.

In fact, what Mao Xiaodong up to now is as big as what the others said. She is still an active actor, and she can not compare her income with other stars.

4. Rie Miyazawa

Rie Miyazawa-ji's life is full of events from her own mother. She was born without her father, an uncle's uncle is an unidentified actor, who earns more money for her; covering the life of the restaurant "sack girl".

Acknowledging that the girl was more and more beautiful, Rie's mother introduced her into the entertaining industry. Since the age of 11, Rie has been a young advanced model. Her career opportunities come to her; growing, making Rie becoming a beautiful sunrise family.

Her mother, without losing this chance, has her & her; Getting in instant and managing everything in office as an actor.

Rie's mother told her daughter to sleep with the director Takeshi Kitano, but she quickly refused.

Before she was young, when Rie did not know, her mother asked her to give her a strange picture, Imagine her "Santa Fe", which she sold to a big fashion magazine. This photograph helped the magazines by selling sales cards of 1.55 million – the largest in history.

The story was told by Rie with a lot of bitter. Getting out, at the age of 17, Rie was brought to restaurants, restaurants, mums and girls; Teach the skills to harass men, even, her mother gave her to sleep with men. Make money, exchange relationships and new opportunities.

Later on, her mother stopped her and her beloved Takanohana. Because of this, Rie is getting tough and she plans to commit suicide.

However, her mother received a series of promotional contracts, making her new film more and more. Finally, Rie must go to the United States to cure the disease. Returning to Japan, Rie named her mother's death.

5. Lindsay Lohan

"Lindsay Lohan, the young princess," became a mirror of the world's perspective when an American woman stopped his career, love.

She became a "familiar" at the police station when she was involved in scammers such as drug use, drug misuse, a dashboard center, etc.

Lindsay Lohan Summary – A teenage queen.

And now the "queen scandal"

One of the reasons why Lindsay fell in a sad situation was that his family was damaged. Lindsay's mother, Dina, is said to have liked her daughter to help her find media, to revive Dina's art career.

Despite this, she was the one connected to Entertainment Tonight for burning in a Lindsay detox center.

Dina also Lindsay has made a great deal against selling their items on the internet without the Lindsay agreement. Dina was even expecting to show herself about a television show about herself but she gave her private life as pedals.

6. Macaulay Culkin

Macaulay Culkin became a star at the showbiz show with $ 15 million at 15, and even nominated for the Golden Globe Award.

But for these medals and glories, parents have been used quickly by Macaulay Culkin.

Macaulay Culkin's parents think of a silver machine. His father, MacAulay, chose the script, his appointment, his advertising contract.

It is too young to have a job concern that is not different from the adults who are experiencing; to make Macaulay Culkin weird and stress, as well as the well-known celebrities, the person who has dropped by the injection, the party dismissed.

Macaulay Culkin's office also ended when criticized by the majority of fans for redeeming.

Imaginative Imagination at once

Macaulay Culkin named his retirement at the age of 35. Now, his life has been a lot better when he met his and her. dating back to the beautiful beauty of Brenda Song.

7. Miss Barton

American television star "The OC" Misha Barton falls in love with her biological mother – also her manager – a & # 39; stealing money from cats, as well as being rid of Beverly Hill instead. property.

Nuala, mother of Misha, has been saying her about the money she gets in a film project in 2013 and likes the total amount. In addition, Misha finds out that her mother is pregnant. get a big loan, and try to name in the ownership of her & # 39; her castle, even though her house actress paid.

Misha describes her parents as "just sitting down and waiting for me to work hard for the life of both of you."

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