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Wednesday, 11/11/2013 21:00 PM (GMT + 7)

CIEM Director, Nguyen Dinh Cung, noted that SOE's devolution position in business activities is not very limited. So, when some staff in the SOE pay a salary of 1 billion, 1.5 billion each year, the whole company is in a position; going on.

& # 34; SOE Staff receiving a social contribution Billion Dollar & # 34; - 1

The Prime Minister took over his renewable conference and raised the efficiency of SOEs

Paying more than one billion, the whole community is scared

Speaking at the Doi Moi Conference, enhancing the efficiency of SOE's work, on November 22, General Director of the Office of Economic Development (CIEM), Nguyen Dinh Cung, Private Loans, the status is not just on loan just. The state does not allocate money to deal with businesses that; loss of loss that applies to market principles.

However, he noted that independent SOEs of business activities, restricted, are not restricted and are not allowed to work in the market.

"It is common that it will not be paid, paid, paid to officials and staff on the principle of their marketplace. When one in the SOE is paying 1 billion, 1.5 billion, the whole society has passed. The problem is not what the money they receive, but how important they are making money, "CIEM said .

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Mr Nguyen Dinh Cung

On balance sheet (CPH), Dr. Nguyen Dinh Cung in: "It's just done well and it should continue to improve the level of equity, not to run the number.

CPH is a restructuring of state portfolios and must be translated from bad property, poor property in good funds; from good property to better fund; Do not follow the other move. This reinforces the foundation and strength of the SOE sector in general and the state division in general, "said Cung.

Regarding corporate governance, Mr Cung noted that the focus should have been to eliminate the restrictions for SOEs to have their business devolution. Autonomous business here is self-contained business lines, but how the decision will take action. "In the past, we have made many administrative decisions on investment and business and the promotion of SOE," said Cung.

To investigate analysis or analysis

According to the Minister of Finance, Dinh Tien Dung, in 2017, according to the report of 294 shares that have shares, they put a capital of the State, the total money is 543,858 billion in accordance with the consistent report of the joint stock campaigns 6% compared to 2016 grant … Fairness is under a joint stock unit union report in 2017 210,035 billion, up 14% by 2016. Income Total admission to 482,545 billion, up 21% compared to 2016 …

However, according to Mr Dung, a state-owned enterprise management toolkit is still slow for reform, not according to international customs, standards, visibility and transparency. SOEs are not responsible for clear. SOEs employee working, salary and bonus policies are not linked to the performance of market equipment and have not affected staff to increase labor enlargement.

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Finance Minister Dinh Tien Dung

The operation of the equipment to handle headteachers' responsibilities when errors are happening is as good as to # 39; Handling breach of SOE performance management and evaluation is very bad and bad. In addition, the balance is slow, may not reach its Prime Minister plan.

In production and business work, some individuals and initiatives will break their principles; market, print or print; publishing financial information. In particular, some people will fight the law, and so affect them. Product efficiency and business activity continues to lose, loss of capital in some projects.

As restricted above, Mr Dinh Tien Dung said that the study, inspection, inspection and inspection need to be reinforced so that it does not harm the capital and state assets in the & # 39; the restructuring process, balance, capital and regulation, which uses state capital. Contributing to the analysis and examination of the responsibilities of unit headers in the & # 39; monitor administrative areas when performing the balance plans and their; stops state capital at campaigns.

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