The statues of Jupiter that have been described as "art works"


NASA sent the Juno to y Jupiter in 2011. Well, Juno took some time to go there, but did that.

The statues were built with spacecraft in its overwhelming number 16th, 29th October, he said NASA.

Juno traveled for many years and reached Jewish only in July 2016. The spacecraft was launched to allow scientists to explore Jupiter's copying and development, and they are happy with what they have received. Jupiter is the fifth planet from Sun and, for a long time, the planet is the largest in the whole solar system.

"Jupiter's output is a general theme of our products that look different from what we expected," said Scott Bolton, Juno's chief inspector at the Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio, when the first images were published last year. "This is a close and personal view of Jupiter. We thought he had a uniform and short-sleeved apparel. What we are looking for is about meeting, "he said science.

Clouds in this image are clouds in Jupiter Belt, North Dakota, said NASA.

And as clouds on Earth, people will look for ways in the world.

NASA started the game.

But others moved to do the same with comments from squid to bird.

There are still reports about plane or superman. But tweeted of NASA photographs that are clearly the flock of dolphins.

NASA said 21th of June's key data collection point Juno's main focus.

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