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On the afternoon of February 11, Mr Pham Van Huu, Executive Director of the Khanh Hoa Management Department, said the unit had just made a decision to control the fishing village of Thap Ba (Pham Van Dong Street, P.Vinh Tho, the town of Nha Trang) . , Khanh Hoa) for a breach that does not print prices of services and services at places where prices must be posted according to regulations. The permit for this behavior is 750,000 VND.

According to Mr Truong Hai Dac, the Head of Market Management Team No. 1 (under the Khanh Hoa Information Management Department) is based on the authorities to give a secret decision from the 5th anniversary of the test results of the Year & # 39; New after The town Thap Ba town of Chai has been spread on social networks.

When the team investigates its & # 39; shop, all prices are listed, a difference of 2 bleeding and transferring 250,000 VND / dish price, and their public opinion is not included in the price list. This is the authority that authorities have to do; Decisions on the fishing village of Thap Ba (Pham Van Dong Street, P.Vinh Tho, town of Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa) for a breach that do not record goods prices. and services at places where prices must be posted under the legal provisions mentioned in Decree 49/2016 / ND-CP are changing and contributing to a number of articles of interest; Order No. 109/2013 / ND-CP on administrative breach control rules in the range of prices, cost and direction of grant.

Provided in the fishing village minutes of Thap Ba, it is mentioned: the vegetables above are scratched by meat meat due to the full users, so the receipts of the person- adequately recorded finance, the sale price is estimated at Tet price, and is therefore higher than average.

Mr Tran Chinh Ly, Thap Chai's restaurant manager, said she did not know the control information of the authorities. "When a group of 14 Chinese guests came to an order within a food, it was moved and sold to make seafood but vegetables! But for Chinese customers, they have to double do their planes and try to think if they do not sell vegetables but they have to respond and then they have to go to their market for a few days, "said Ly.

In terms of the "big" bill of Hung Phat's restaurant (Tran Phu street, Nha Trang town), Mr Huu said there is still no confirmation of the "tight guillotine" bill? As the boardboard, a closed shop is just protected there, so you check out which one is with the restaurant? Contact the unit to confirm whether the business permit of this restaurant is still registered. "The owner of the restaurant is not identified, he can not contact the guests … so there is not enough base to prove sales behavior at prices higher than In order, if we can not find the owner, we will not cooperate with the units that have the owner's own ideas to prove clearly. Divisional leaders are headed " – said Mr Huu.

Also, according to the representative of the Khanh Hoa Administration Department, the unit will be coordinated by the Nha Trang Human Rights Committee to establish a interdisciplinary bar to explore restaurants on the 86 Tran Phu streets to set for the sale of prices as ordered. At the same time, it is suggested that tourists and users when they use the service should consider its location; price, quantity and quality if they are not in accordance with the agreement, and then display the detail in detail so that the authorities have a standard. page, handled it hard.

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