The story behind the calendars that will open this year ?


Baia, baia, those Unicode people, they are thinking about everything. It seems that's inside the 230 new emosis that will be released in 2019, next to the colors of new colors, people holding hands, na & # 39; you and new clothes, causing weight to fall red, which is not larger and less than emoji of menstruation, who has donated a lot to talk about it.

Now the girls can tell them when they are going through their time, and although emoji can be used for many other stories, we know beforehand that be a partnership Unicode, by highlighting human values, and thus not just an event that added to it; emoticons catalog

Emoji of menstruation is due to cAmpaña is managed by the "NGO International Plan", aimed at breaking the stigma and taboo that is; continues to grow considerably in many countries about the rule. This unprofitable group, dedicated to the protection of women's rights in 75 countries, was launched in 2017 a Facebook call for users to vote for one of the five animated designs, and then select the one who is going to choose; represents a period of months.

International Plan

It was the record that had a & # 39; most votes a trousers are confirmed by blood drop, something very beautiful for the Unicode vision, so they suggested that they were affecting menstruation It's just a red call; , where users can convey the connotation they want to, without losing the strength of the message.

"The emoji is our common language today, and so it is sensible to use it so that the rule is to be the taboo that continues to exist throughout the world today. Although there are 800 million women and girls who keep the rule at this time. In Africa, one out of ten people will lose school for several days because they are in their time, and often the stigma, lack of access to materials or hygiene are often the reasons to go out of school ", The The study of Emilia Sánchez, leader of a political appeal on "Plan International", on the official website of the organization.

The story behind the calendars that will open this year

The website of the International Plan states that 48% of Iranian girls and 10% of those living in India believe it is a disease; in ruin; and inside Uganda, girls spend one to three days of classes Each time their time is, for lack of hygiene or privacy in schools, as well as the shame they usually feel in those days.

Only in Mexico that is still muted is a cause of love, something natural and unstable. We prefer to use some place names to comment on: & # 39; Rule & # 39; Andrew & # 39 ;, one that comes every month, woman's disease, & # tidy, & # 39 ;, a & # 39; and many others etc. But now, everything can be reduced to emoji de menstruation, which is It will be available on March 2019.

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