"The Story Leg" HLE added to Moojin and then signed his name Tal, who was continuing to continue his & # 39; guide 4Gamers


South Korea's team, Hanwha Life Esports, said today they are the previous SKT player recorder, former JAG player SoHwan, and finished the team of the League of Legends 2019 team.

HLE announced today (23) that he will welcome two players from Tal and SoHwan. At the same time, she has updated her contract with Sangyoon and Key. The team will meets the 2019 season with new sequences.

HLE 2019 line:

On the SoHwan Road road

Playing wild Bono Moons

La Tempa Middle Lava

ADC Sangyoon Clever

Main Asper Acrylic

Among them, Moojin and Thal have a deep relationship. This time they are again with LCK and wanted to bring a new look to HLE.

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