The story of a person who suffered "Loco" Romero, the La Cámpora grandfather who was accused of abuse


Buenos Aires grandfather Jorge "El Loco" Romero left his "political duties" from La Campora after abolishing sexual abuse. In his post on his Facebook account, he discovered that he was in the past he had "male habits". Tell the girl to name the networks Distribution the time was violent who lived with Kirchner's head.

Stephanie Calo had been tackling sexual violence within the field of the group in April 2018. In an interview with TN she challenged her husband – another force of politics – from zamarrearla, to war it and to give her cachetazos.

The post the girl made her image by her Facebook.
The post the girl made her image by her Facebook.

In his interview he has introduced it now Distribution, the girl said she was not sorry tell what happened to Romero, until he heard Thelma Fardin recites Juan Darthés for rape. "I told my story to a girl that I will not appear on the networks." He did so.

According to the story Stephanie, the event took place in 2017, after leaving friends with militarity. "After going to dance, we met Madman, we went out of exile, I was there because I wanted one of the people, and when I left In the room, I saw one of the girls that was very drunk and asked me about "he remembered.

Romero is a senator until 2019.
Romero is a senator until 2019.

Then, he remembered what happened to the director. "El Loco had alcohol. He spoke to me and told me now that I have an oral type. He treated me as a gender worker. He took me, I put it in the restaurant, locked the door, he put out the ball and I wanted an oral type. I opened the door and put it in again. There were people out and I was tired. I have to have it. Tell me that we would see each other the next week until we leave, "he said.

The former campaigner of La Cámpora made his party's chiefs critically criticize the way they are doing; implement a protocol for such a case. "It's not available to the militants, they expect to run it, but they put it on the right. but it will still be. They do it so that there is no quilombo, "he said.

Romero, a Facebook account, acknowledged that "male habits" were in the past. He also said he was "one step away from his duties", that is, from the leadership roles of La Campora. As he passed, he would also set his position in the regional Assembly.

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