The story of Blizzard is working on the version of Mobile de Warcraft. It needs to be the other press of Pokémon Go


If Warcraft tells you, many players get their eyes up. This is one of the best and most popular games ever created. Soldiers between the Federation and the Horde have been in & # 39; Talk to gamers for over 20 years. And they are likely to enjoy them.

In the game of its game Kotaku Information has shown that Blizzard has created a smaller team of people who work on the Warcraft handbag. But it should not be an online RPG strategy or game, as we know so far.

Smart phones move around the world and the most beautiful gaming model is definitely a genuine fact. In this regard, the Pokémon GO game was broken, which has turned millions of people around the globe and brought more than millions in banknotes to Niantic.

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Later on, we have seen a similar game from the Jurassic Park or Harry Potter world. Well, now there is a broad fact in the context of war between the Orcs and the people. Blizzard staff are very fond of the Pokémon game when they work, and in a way they went into the Blizzard area of ​​Poketop – ban on competing match game.

online Kotaku not much information is mentioned. Their game features unique and it will be much more advanced than the Pokémon Go. He does not know when he goes out. In the Blizzard case, we need to be careful, as it is known that the company has developed the games for several years and finally; finishing the project. It has been happening several times in the last. Should you play the Warcraft game on your mobile phone or do you like classes like a Solitaire?

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