The story of Karla Constant on the death of René O Ryan: "My friend, he lives in my heart" | TV and Exhibition


The journalist Karla Constant He was one of the assistants. in a wakehouse and funeral director René O & Ryan, who died from the esophagus cancer. The two shared screens were in the program Dream XL, of Channel 13.

Exterior of the church in Vitacura, and its obvious impact, the panel many thanks She called O Ryan several times during Christmas, but she did not answer her, and she left her very ugly.

In his statements, made by Glamorama, Constant said that the person who looked good on days before he died.

"For me, it's been very difficult, because the thing that makes me most is very good.
We celebrated their birthday. He made a great party with his family, with friends, we were celebrating, we had a wonderful time, and now this is … They say you have levels when someone is experiencing ; dying, and I believe that I am in a state of crisis and discrimination, "he said.

Channel 13
Channel 13

Lastly, the communicator indicated that he was the tutor's sister and, She told her that her health had gone down before December 25.

"I can not accept it, because it was my friend. He lives in my heart. My friend, my brother is on my soul and I do not know how you will stay whole, "he said.

In that regard he said: "I have a real vivid image. Yesterday, I saw WASApp of our final conversations and the audios, and I usually do not miss them, because they remember me and I want to remember, as it was, shingle, a really fascinating person. "

It should be noted, with family demand, that René O & Ryan's burial was privately owned, allowing family and friends to enter.

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