The Story of the Sagadin & U.; UBIL & # 39; OLIMPIO makes it easy to express BETHEL than KARKOLI! No longer …


Zmago Sagadin is open to the situation in Petrol Olympia.

Zmago Sagadin is a man who is familiar with all satin basketball enthusiasm. He stood for some of the most successful items of his basketball club from Ljubljana, which is now far from the old glory. Petrol Olimpija was completely involved with the new season, and even a few days ago, she even put the coach. And how does Sagadin see each other? In the final interview with the MMC, he confirmed that he is still a person without the tongue's hair, without any doubt, he explained how he sees him together.

"Olimpija will not be in Euroleague for 100 years! You'll see … If you've been at the top of the league competition, the third European competition is in quality, the Euroleague is the long light years. Olimpija is clear Call communication with most of Europe There is nothing to do with the club that is committing a European project commitment, but this year, Europe already, and in Abi there are still enough games for Olimpija to fight for Eurocup, and finally the national competition is still … … When there is no success in the season, everyone is involved in the title of a national showcase to early medicine. But it is still better for young basketball players to play the proud people. I hope they will be more more involved in the team, " Sagadin said among other things.

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