The strong letter from a woman who lost a lot to Facebook: "Did not you see how …?"


Female words to Facebook and other social networks to remember the end of the year.

There are a number of users who tell them in social networks that they did; explore the internet about destination or subject and then jump into their networks.

A terrible event happened 4 years ago when a man was very sad at the time Facebook He showed it in the summary of "The best of the year" the photograph of his deceased daughter.

For weeks, Washington Post journalist Gillian Brockell lost a shortage. But what happened the social networks continue to & # 39; Showing content related to startup and baby products.

She wrote a fierce letter to Facebook, Google and Instagram, asking them to stop advertising for mothers.

The journalist questioned: "You did not see how I was searching on Google? [contracciones de] Braxton Hicks? & # 39; No & # 39; The child does not move & # 39 ;? Did you not find my three days in silence, uncommon for a user like me who often tweets? ".

"Unofficial with the statement, which included keywords such as a broken heart, dead & deadly dead & # 39 ;, and 200 teaspoons with tears from my friends? Is not what you can find? "The journalist continued.

"So when millions of people with a broken heart need to click on I do not want to see this advert & # 39; and answer your & # 39; Why & # 39 ; with the sad-real & unfit It's not right for me & do you know what the algorithm is to decide, technology companies? Make sure that I already catches, accepts a happy result and you're dragged with brass to brunch food and tips for your baby to sleep "is defined in Facebook.

He continued in the letter to a social network: "See, technology companies, I'm worried, if you're willing enough to understand that I'm pregnant or have not caught, you are definitely willing I was in the mind that my baby died, and showed me advertising accordingly, or probably, probably, it does not appear. "

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