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(Li Jinwei, Kaohsiung, 20th) Lann Newspaper Group Reporter, Li Yiquan, participated in the Little Xu Shengming League closing ceremony and talked about his future movements. He said that Fubangyi is a good team and he hopes the team won the competition and retired from the team.

The 6th International Xu Shengming League League Championship was held in Kaohsiung on the last day of the event. Xu Shengming's son, Lin Yiquan, received the closing event. He said he was very grateful to Xu Shengming to cultivate, and every year, his paths will be resolved. I'm just hoping we can share the event.

When he was talking about the situation he had; At the moment, Lin Yiquan said he thought it was not set out this year, especially in the direction. Because he had been winning his & # 39; game, he continued to train and hoped to continue to strengthen.

In the future, Lin Yiquan said he had been thinking for a long time and talking to her; cooking company. He finally agreed not to & # 39; using the rights of free producers. "Because the company's Fubon is good," its company is a " meet the needs of the players. The players feel that the playground is very similar to their own home. "It's really fun to play in Fubon."

Lin Yiquan said that the team who got the challenge after the session this year, but unfortunately there is no chance to win his / her. broadcasting. He hopes he will win the prize for his company in the future. He also says that he can play in such a good team. Let's hope he gets the "best ear" in the team. (Editor: Huang Yu) 1071120

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