The suffering of the girls would not be matched compared to boys


Researchers at Yale University found that adults were expecting to regret the girls very hard for the boys.

A study published in the Journal of Pediatric Psychology shows a difference in the concepts from adults when suffering from suffering a daughter no a boy. In general, people think they are; suffer more the girls.

To reach this decision, Yale researchers created two random adult groups. In each group, participants had to see the same video, a child of five years later, when he visited the doctor, a bit on his finger.

For one of the two groups, b "Samantha"Named as a daughter, to the other organization the child was named"Samuel", representing him as a boy.

All of the partners from each group were invited evaluate their pain of the child.

There was a group that Thinking that the child was a little boy tend to appreciate his / her; pain was the most important thing than the agency that was think they were watching a girl.

For researchers, this difference would be linked behaviors and features of personality we do attributes boys and girls from childhood. Boys in the general are unprofessional, stronger and more rigorous, as long as they are & # 39; It is considered that girls are more aware and emotional.

The researchers are now looking for a more detailed study. "If the philosophies explored in our surveys were brought into other contexts, this would have a significant impact on judged and the cure. Any criticism of any pain in pain would be of paramount importance because they can find health care provision inequitable"said Joshua Monrad, one of the authors at the inspection.

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