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At 12 o'clock in Taiwan (21), the 40th anniversary of "Mobile Suit Gundam" was held. It was broadcast live on YouTube (to watch the spring) to make the participation of fans easier. Since the "Mobile Suit Gundam" started in 1979, it will be the 40th anniversary of the IP in 2019. Many of the basic jobs are during this time. As well as animation, the development of toys and model industry was also encouraged. It has a wide range of opportunities and has boosted steel bombs all over the world, becoming a culture that is proud and especially for Japan.


As mentioned in the news conference, "BEYOND" is the 40th anniversary theme, which is means uncertainty. It is expected that the "bullet steel" will exceed its & # 39; end and overcoming the & # 39; generation, and is also linked to the subject of the next publication. Here, I will show four concepts about the main vision. I hope, by & # 39; fight and re-draw a variety of jobs, I will describe the following opportunities. This time, I invited SUGIZO, a member of LUNA SEA and X JAPAN, to create the subject song for the 40th anniversary. At the end of this paragraph, I also filmed the live film on an official basis with Film Legendary.

The first generation of steel bombs x UC, iron orphans x 00, Z x W, G Fuguo x AN T-SINN

Four keywords that exceed the scope of the work to describe the options

The next row is a series of 40-year design works with SUNRISE, the production company that is largely responsible for creating a "Mobile Suit Gundam" animation series, and # 39; including "Mobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN", in April 2019. The animated animation and the new series of "Steel Bomb Fighter" series are running, and the 30th chief- year of the "Three Kingdoms Chuangjie" steel bomb series going on. "Steel G Reconquista" will be reconstructed into a theater. Editing and the second "UC NexT 0100" bomb project: the novel "Mobile Suit Gundam Flashing Kasavi" novel will be converted into a drama dissertation … etc.

The six most important aspects of the 40th Anniversary Project of Mobile Suit Gundam: video knowledge, music knowledge, production of annual planning, collaborative projects in different fields, online films, and the opening of new generations of steel leaflets. Including those points, we published the "RURAL GLOBAL GUNDAM" project, and will cooperate with Waseda University and the students of Nakagyo University to create "GUNDAM FACTORY YOKOHAMA" in Yokohama . In addition to & # 39; a tourism and entertaining design, we also expect corporate size 18 The high quality steel is split and has been officially upgraded and is expected to be presented in 2020.

It is "GUNDAM FACTORY YOKOHAMA", which is a collaboration with Yokohama-shi, the leader of Yokohama City.

It is also mentioned that Yokohama Town and Shanghai will complete the 45th anniversary of the sister's home, and this plan will also cooperate with the side of Nothing to bring more visitors into.

Finally, SUGIZO music was invited to play "Flying! Steel Bullet" on the fiddle and the 40th anniversary memorial song. However, since the song was not finished, the DEMO version is played today. SUGIZO said he was fond of "Bomb Steel" from the start of his primary school, and spent his life with his steel bomb so far. This time, he wrote a 40th anniversary memorable song with the "end of travel" as the main axis. SUGIZO is a genuine feeling because a musician can connect to steel bombs in this way. He also said that it's not just steel bombs in an artistic possession of Japanese generation, but also the Japanese pride of the world.

The 40th anniversary plan is here to complete it. With the overcoming topic, the memorial plan that has been done now has broken many amazing ways on its. pattern. At this point before the 50th anniversary, fans also hope that "Steel Bomb" can move more jobs. Published.

The 40th anniversary "Mobile Suit Gundam" showcase, "Fiolmadh Hasawi" will bring a drama problem!
At 12 o'clock in Taiwan (21), the 40th anniversary of "Mobile Suit Gundam" was held. It was broadcast live on YouTube (to watch the spring) to make the participation of fans easier. Since the "Mobile Suit Gundam" was played since 1979, …

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