The summary before the 405 program of Thursday, February 21


in Tomorrow for us Thursday 21 FebruaryMargot to give birth Kylian, Leila and Samuel on his side. Chloe and Karim accompany them in hospital, and she certifies her & her; police to stop Kylian away. The girl catches a foolish boy but she does not want to go to; talk to him. Karim will come into the room and her room. Kylian was arrested, despite Margot's claims. Later on, Chloe is trying to make Margot fuel and she's giving her her baby's bottle, but the girl is refusing, and Chloe and Alex are her. take care of it.

⋙ Closure. Marysole Fertard (The morning will be hitting us): "This child turns everything over Margot's life"

At breakfast, Sandrine in an unfortunate smile after having a rabbit Morgane. When Laurence asks her as her partner, she and she cast it out for a walk. At Spoon, Gabriel tells Morgane he does not want to stay with her again. In the high school, Morgan comes to an excuse to Sandrine, who is a long time. Then her nurse has a & # 39; secretarial decision: "Four years ago I was a manSandrine makes it bad if she did not tell her earlier: "I just feel you are not honest".

While I was & # 39; lunch at Lounge with Lou, Victor receiving a message to & # 39; show him to give him money Kylianwhich makes it stupid. Lou saying that Kylian and Victor are arrested very worried but he does not want to talk about it.

⋙ Tomorrow: be a new warrior on the TF1 series!

Corkas getting her companion in her & # 39; park and give him sweatshirt. They can not wait to come back again. Back in his cell, Corkas hid under his roof, which was tied in his dress. Bill Build the relative geo from its owner and find the army. When he returns to Corkas, he goes to a genuine questionnaire and finally agrees to find the army. Corkas tells him he needs to escape. Later on, in newspaper, a Bill tells everything Leila who wants to refuse his identical actions but a leaflet is frightening about the effects.

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