The sunshine over Santa Barbara County is to be lit up. Do not worry, not an alien attack


Delta IV's rocket that was transferred to the National Payback Repayer to Sunday earlier was launched, according to publishing officers. The launch, once twice, will be from the Vandenberg Air Force Center in Santa Barbara County.

When a rooster flows up from Vandenberg shortly after the sun has dropped, there is a strong capacity for its & # 39; clarify communication.

Don Clotworthy, a resignant resigned by Patrol Highway Highway, directly under the Vandenberg rocket trail for 30 years and told CNN. It was once asked if it was a danger; in Northern Lights.

"I had everything from flying teams, to religious beliefs and the Rapture, to the Russians who attacked it," he said.

"A sun is under the competition, especially to look at his cell phone," said Mike Wofford, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Oxnard , California, to CNN. "As the rocket gets higher, the counter will become more open to the sun's rays."

Wofford explained that the window was seeing these infrastructural supplies to & # 39; Showing just after sunset and reduce the darkness it receives.

He finally named the last contradictory show from Vandenberg, just over a year ago, "really amazing."

Space X Elon Musk will set up fun at the various theories in December 2017 after launching its company Falcon 9 from Vandenberg.

"Nuclear alien UFO from Korea Korea," made a tweet, along with a video of the publication.

The publication was made from San Francisco to San Diego, and as far as Phoenix.

He hit so many interests, the Los Angeles Fire Department was reported in each capital letter:

"It will include the magnificent light in the weather it is the result of the VANDENBURG (sic) path RELEASE ROCKET TO SATELLITE IN A PLACE.

The SpaceX Falco 9 rocket, which is a spacing from the spaceship, on the left, is behind the rocket after its launch of Base Force Air Vandenberg on 7 October 2018, near Santa Barbara , California.

"Since the 1960s, LAFD and other public safety agencies in our department have called on from residents who are attending the shows," the LAFD was sent to CNN.

The department added that most conveners recite something special in the sky but not ask for help.

According to the Vandenberg Air Force Base website, the base throughout the coastline is a very good location for launching satailites in a polar orbit without flying across population areas. "

"Vandenberg added the world's world-wide polar polar satellite, the Discoverer 1, a cover for its first American showcase program."

Both LAFD and Highway Patrol in Santa Barbara describe the number of these mobile phones phones; decline as residents of the West Coast; using a greater number of Vandenberg receptions, including SpaceX jobs.

People gather to track SpaceX to successfully run Falcon 9 rocket from Base Force Air Vandenberg on 14 January 2017, in Lompoc, California.

Rocket Heavy Delta IV runs on Sundays, & # 39; weather permit, built by the United Launch Alliance, who says it is the "hard-builder of the country".

A company, a joint venture from Boeing and Lockheed Martin, says that there are three promotional cranes at her. Peat rocket devolved by Aerojet Rocketdyne Hydrogen / Hydrogen Hydrogen Hydraulic Machines which can bring together together with a further 2.1 million pounds.

But ULA and the Air Force do not say anything about satellite on board, just because it's a transliteration mission, which translates, outside of it; foundation, spiritual operation.

"V Team has introduced a lot of hard work for this release," said the commander of his & # 39; the Col. box Bob Reeves of Vandenberg in a statement. "We are committed to real success and proud to work with United Launch Alliance and the National Research Office."

If the Delta Heavy contraction is illuminated, the officer is in a position; left his position and let Clotworthy go to; suggest that it could be dangerous.

"I did not remember the convener who thought that the address was linked to S.D.I," said Clotworthy, who was " Commenting on the name of the Strategic Defense initiative, decided to erase and delete a safeguarding system, just like a contract, in 1993.

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