The Superfinal will search for a house: how would the security work in Paraguay?


The Conmebol indicated that the second Superfinal of the Libertadores Cup will be played out of Argentina on December 8 or 9, unless the Discipline Tribunal is the entity agreeing with Boca Juniors, requesting various documents and a number of tests have shown that the River Plate is disqualified from the war.

For this reason, Paraguay is one of the countries that will be hitting for this historic Superclásico showcase, the only thing that is the headquarters in the South American polar mother's house in the town of Luque. And this is considered by the Interior Minister, Juan Ernesto Villamayor, who makes sure that the countryside is a good hospitality of the party.

"This morning the Ministry of Interior received an informal consultation to find out if we were able to get a game between River and Boca. We can provide security, which is not available. means commitment but Conmebol has one option to provide security conditions within the best Asunción township of the 9th century. On the 8th century we can not do it as Day of Ice is celebrated and which means there is a lot of movement on ", sure the officer was.

Villamayor also gave an email to the Defensores del Chaco as a possible position for the event that could even be accessed into the two sections: "If played in Asunción, he would put 6,000 police officers into the field, and the move to La Nueva Olla (the Cerro Porteño area) is more complex than the Chaco of Asunción Defendants.".

Finally, and they asked to double security to # 39; including what happened in Monumental, the minister explained: "This is the first time the national police would make an event like this and the protocols that have been worked up so far will be encouraged, there was a conflict in football and also the usual ones, we are open to and it's an unwanted customization ".

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