The supervisor, Nguyen Thanh Hoa, said he was guilty, and opposed the head of the Ministry of Public Security


Today (22 November), the Panel has called on the protection of Nguyen Thanh Hoa on the photium for the protection of the person for his or her crimes.

In the case of "trillion gambling", the accused person was being cared for by "abuse of title and authority as long as he was on duty". On November 21, the Center's Office (VKS) advocated the Panel to punish Hoa from 7.6 to 8 years imprisonment for this crime.

Protecting Nguyen Thanh Hoa.

Protecting Nguyen Thanh Hoa.

In the afternoon hearing, the defendant Hoa said: On 31/8/2018, after he was going to send out his / her; defeated the population of the provincial Phu Tho, the defendant applied to the court of the Phu Tho Public Court, his duty, to obtain all application fees.

"Previously, at the question, I wanted to explain the legal relationship between the C50 and its CNC company, as well as the relationship I had with the soldiers in the unit. During its & In the process of questioning, due to the loss of control, it was beyond my understanding that my ideas at that time were against the statements previously recorded in my case. This has been made difficult for the Panel, -the People would say, I am very much in protest about the panel and my lawyer and viewers have proved to me: In terms of CNC and Nguyen Van Duong, " said Hoa.

The defendant further explained that in the cooperative process, CNC has helped a lot in software, technology and training, staff.

"I am accepting the impeachment that the procuratorate has praised. Today, I would like to apologize to the Ministry of Public Security Department as I am also for a high tech crime prevention unit built as a unit. He was a beginner in the fight against this crime, but did not work that influenced the reputation of the police force, who had a great influence on the Party. I read the panel to help my family, I reduced the penalty for my return to mourning my mother, before going away I do not see my mother, I did not put any light on my mother " I want to go home quickly for spiritual support for my son, my baby is very young, "said Hoa.

Earlier, defendant Nguyen Thanh Hoa, a representative of his provocation, said the defendant was very positive, and bald corrie, to send her & # 39; blamed others.

According to representatives of the defendants, when the CNC Company is working on complaints, the defenders do not block or disable them; handle but also give advice and & # 39; Provide documents to make the organization of gambling and cover easier. It is not up to the professional sectors that have high tech crime prevention activities for confirmation and treatment;

When the head of the Ministry of Public Security asked a complaint to conduct two games; showing signs of bad law, Nguyen Thanh Hoa did not meet the chief executive, to write the second document in 50 days Only To advise the head of the Ministry of Public Security, but report it honestly to cover the criminal activities of the CNC Company; To guide the subcripture to draft a formal document for submission to Phan Van Vinh to avoid the capital grant with a professional, significant impact and influence the reputation of the police.

"So, indeed, Phan Van Vinh and Nguyen Thanh Hoa," Phan Van Vinh "are the" conservationistic "marker, and Nguyen Thanh Hoa is an active post holder" – VKS said.

From these sources, the procuratorate suggested that the Trial Panel would prevent Nguyen Thanh Hoa guilty of "to resist his position and power as long as he was on duty "with a 7 year 6-month pioneer record 6 months to 8 years imprisonment.

Nguyen Duong – Tuan Hop

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