The suspect died


Thursday, November 22, 2012 14:11 PM (GMT + 7)

After a treatment period at the hospital, Chu Van Khoa, the accused was shot three guns and the girl who died; selling stocks in the marketplace in Hai Duong, has died.

The girl who sold beans killed three, dead was killed in the middle of her; market: suspicion of death - 1

The scene of the event.

On November 22, Vu Dinh Thach, Chairman of Ben Nghe Ward, Chi Linh's town, Hai Duong, said Chu Van Khoa (SN 1982, who lived in the village of Ben Tu, Chi Linh town), Hai Duong died , who killed 3 dead, on his benefits. DNA (SN 1992, who lived in the town of Chi Linh) died on 21/11 at home.

Mr Thach reported that Van Khoa Hai Duong Chu General Hospital returned home until the end of 21/11, until 20h30 death. The forensic medical team worked on corps assessment and was taken to the family after 11 m.

Previously, at 8:30 am on November 14, Chu Van Khoa moved motorcycles to the place between Ben Tu market (Chi Linh home) and then hit three fire after her DT sister, when to A fall, the thing is & # 39; continue to use a knife; Gut several times of the passive.

When A was unmarried, Khoa took another knife inside him but killed the people. There were active forces thereafter to deliver emergency medical care.

Representatives of the Criminal Police Division (PC02) of Hai Duong District Police said that it was a emotional conflict at the beginning of the event. The search, PC02 room was marked about 1 year ago, text messages A and Khoa are back and forth. After a while, A did not want to continue to. friendship, however, did not agree to the Faculty, the member was threatening his & her; Mrs A. Both sides brought back.

Her husband met Khoa about the incident before the murder and reported to the police at the Ben Tu shop, the Chi Chih town of his wife.

The wedding sales were killed in the middle of market: A & # 39; reveals the susceptible message content of the suspect

The police have sent the message of the message suspected to his wife before the crime came.

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