The suspicion of the horrible Oumuamua asteroid continues after you do not find radio signals in


Researchers at the SETI Institute found no obsolete radio signals on the surface of this rocky thing that affects scientists, who still do not yet; make it a wild nature.

The long-term views of the Oumuamua asteroid are at the time of the Earth's attack; presenting the presence on the surface of any artificial wood of radio sources or other features, but this can not verify that there is a supernatural unnatural basis. This is the decision of the stars at the SETI Institute (Search for External Knowledge), which is a. Looking for prestigious life forms in the Amazon.

So important is Oumuamua that this is a # 39; first asteroid found it does not come from the Solar System, and even strange behaviors even some scientists to consider their ability to a foreign boat.

In a review published in the Acta Astronautica magazine next February, SETI researchers explained that they used an Allen Telescope (ATA) antenna range to try find outcast radio shows coming from the Oumuamua. The comments were made between November 23 and December 5, 2017, and they were doing & # 39; scan & # 39; A complete group to find this type of signage. They could not find anything, even though the experts did not. Looking for power emosters is even lower than those who put our cell phones.

"We were looking for a signal that showed that this thing incorporates some technology, which came from an artificial source," explains Gerry Harp, the main author of the survey , in the SETI article. "We did not find such inventions, despite a very hard research," said the scientist, saying that the station's research ideas do not; made out to the conclusion that the asteroid could have an abnormal source.

The Oumuamua (first Hawaiian messenger) nature is surrounded by confidentiality from the day it was discovered by scientists at the Hawaiian University in October 2017. After changing its cultivation distance , Harvard-Smithsonian's (SA) Geography Experience Center has recently suggested that the aseteroid could be "proofing" sent to Earth alone "for a foreign civilization."

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