The suspicions about the issues of measles in the retail center said that Iso Omena was a " disturbing them capital capital


Scientological studies show that the suspected child was not affected by his / her; measles at Iso Omena in Espoo. The health station and the service center closed in the Tuesday morning center due to suspicion.

The suspicion was to apply to a child who was killed against her; measles.

However, laboratory surveys in the Helsinki and Uusimaa hospital area showed that the child was not pregnant.

THL is the special expert of the Institute of Health and Welfare, THL, saying it was not about fairness.

– It is unclear what the patient suffered, but at least it was not poor, she says.

The service square was closed down on Tuesday

As a security step, the service center located on the upper floor of the room was closed down due to a disturbing suspicion at the center's medical station.

At the service center there are Espoo city services, such as the health station and library. There is also one of the Red Cross points for a blood and coffee service.

The center's director, Siim Rosenthal, tells the suspicion of the health station in the shopping center.

– We received a message from the health station about closing the service center and its location; record contact details for all customers, he says.

City: Normal activity

Career's development manager at the health station Elina Jakovlev-Markus says that her case was recovered after 5pm on Tuesday evening.

According to her, she has been consulted by a HYY contradictory doctor and then an action was made.

In addition, the medical station deputy was cited to the site.

The health station and service center were closed and contact details were notified to everyone nearby.

From the Espoo town, it is said that this is a normal measure when it suspects that someone has been suffering from the measles.

THL: Look for protection

THL is asking everyone to check their vaccination against their & # 39; measles.

People who do not get a vaccine are in danger that the crusher will suffer, which is spread by get in touch and in the air.

The virus resides in a place and a landlord for up to two hours after removal of infection behavior.

The town of Espoo says that, although it was turned out that a case in Iso Omena was in fact; worrying the case, recently some new issues have been done; squirrels appear in Espoo.

The article was updated on 20 February 2019 at 18:00 with Espoo City reported that this is a normal measure.

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