"The sweetheart is expired," she cried and her. crying, self-provoking: truth is true; play this game Recreation NOWnews News today


▲ Xiao Yan, Chen Yanming established a younger brother. (Abbex photos / offers)

Lu Yi Amuyi, who was nominated for the "Best Female Singer" in the Golden Melody Awards 2018, was to launch her second album. "Do you know what I said?", I received Xiaoyan and "Chen Brown" Chen Yanming to play a young brother, including. Xiao Yan was fascinating Chen Yanming and screwed against scree. Lu Wei was better to learn how to get pressure and lose weight. I let laughter and said: "It's a great benefit to bring this MV!"

The MV story is about telling a woman who is quick and able to work. Against her long-term relationship with her beloved, she struggling with her own pain. At the same time, she is involved in the care of the newest person, how he will deal with the emotions that are constantly fighting. After the MV was burned, I knew that there was much love in the vocal sight. I found myself sorry about the previous day's stomach illness. When I was in the middle of the night, I went to the emergency room to get a bit ready. She said: "I'm afraid that this MV button sounds like me. Drama, because I'm afraid I can not cry, I'll delay my time!"

▲ Xiao Yan and Chen Yanming have many opponents. (Abbex photos / offers)

Ask how to make a cry when you're crying Xiao Yan said more uniformly: "Because I live in this life!" Then the artist's full body said: "Today the director also said that the MV paragraph is that my love is for sending me a clear newsletter. At that time I would like to tell to the director: You can use my man! "This time, the staff are tired for a day; laugh!

Leaving ▲ Lv Wei (left) new record, Chen Yanming, Xiao Yan over his knife to kill MV. (Abbex photos / offers)

Chen Yanming plays the person who is very stupid in the MV. He is an ambassador of a little scorpion. Not only is he wet and brought into the house, but he can not help close dance but a kiss, Chen Yanming lets face a face, the director After shouting his & # 39 , cart, told Xiao Xiao, "Thank you!" Everyone said: "Surely love." Chen Yanming also said: "A little sister is too strong, I can not stand!"

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