The Swiss (51) went in and stole in South Africa


The 51-year-old Swiss was screened and stolen on Thursday at Butterworth, South Africa. Now, the three robbers were caught – and put on an exam.

The Swiss tourism (51) was badly injured in the Butterworth South Africa town on Thursday night. According to Jackson Manatha, a Polish spokeswoman for Butterworth, Switzerland entered hostel at Butterworth on Thursday, according to the «RNews» platform.

In the evening about 7pm, the 51-year-old will be a local supermarket. How the Swiss will pay money out of her & # 39; His car, the three brutal thieves are hitting. They swelled Swiss – they hit their upper body. The people who then support it. They steal her & # 39; His bag with money that is not spread in Euclidean and Swiss francs.

A robber will have a problem in South Africa in court

The people who fled after the crime fled, but Saturday was held down and arrested by the police at Mision Mzantsi. Home, the surveyors found the stolen money. People who do the people, according to the police of Butterworth, are three men aged 25, 28 and 34 years.

The brutal tricker had to respond to court in Butterworth on Monday morning. "The problem was expressed by casting a knife and attack with the intention of serious physical injury," said Manatha police officer to "RNews . "

When Blick calls, the Foreigners Department (FDFA) is to confirm the event. "Swiss citizen received an attack from theft in South Africa. The Swiss Consulate of Cape Town will engage with the person involved and the appropriate authorities in Africa, South, "says EDA spokesman.

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