The table spread "ECOWAS in heart" with Thione Seck


Dakar, 13 Mar (APS) – Senegalese Singer Thione Ballago Seck has published his album “ECOWAS in Heart”, a music project in which he claims to exhibit balax, the musical style t globally, the Senegal is "in-trade".

Speaking at a book launch at the launch of the book "Words of Thione Ballago Seck, an inspiring and fertile poet", by the journalist Fadel Lô, he edited, "Diaga" translator, that 352 artists were from across the world Senegal, "unknown" and "talented", had taken part in this project.

"Some say that balacs are not sent abroad, I wanted to make out this project. They all sang three titles and on balax," he said.

The artist asserts that through this recording he gave each of the Senegal decision groups the opportunity to express their culture through song.

The song translator is "Number 10", which is famous for its album which is different, modern or modern, this time betting on the "classic".

In the mixing stage, the project was made up of a box of three tables.

Your wealthy experience is the name of one of the most respected linguists in Senegalese music.

In addition to the note by the journalist Fadel Lô, another entitled "Papa Thione", it was awarded the religious and religious conscience of the famous Thione Ballago Seck poems by researcher Sherif Seck, of whom t University of North Carolina. , in the United States.

Both authors examine the "density" of messages in Thione Ballago Seck, many times honored with various reputations.

In particular, he mentions the coins of “The Knight of Order”, the “Knight of Arts and Letters”, a gold chart by French-Senegalese Disiz la Peste, among other prizes.

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