Oceania It is a specific continent due to & # 39; It's a great deal of special non-religious nature. This can be seen in the presence of animals as inexplicable the platypus, the kookaburra or the pink fish with their hands. Yes, yes, a handy fish!

If compared to a mammal like an bird, a bird with whom the song always remembers laughter or fish; Most in the form of hands that allow walking on the seabed Tasmanian Devil It could be quite ordinary. However, behind this marsupial A small dog size, with a large head, thick tail and black hair, hides several things that make it a very valuable animal among platypus and handbag.

A species that protects itself

It is said that Tasmanian Devil so baptized with him first European settlers, which compared to me because of it scary hawk which was sent every night while he was & # 39; hunting. Although in the meantime you could find it across Australia, at this time there is only one wild population in the town Tasmania island, located in the southern part of the country. Even this population has declined considerably in the last decades because of its funny humorous tumor, which will affect you some face and go to the rest of the body, until it dies them.

there was found in 1996 and since then it is estimated to be ready with the 80% of the demons of Tasmania. It may be to eliminate the species, if not so spectacular, some of them have the potential stand against the illness, which lasts the last player, come to an end, as if it were cold. This fact has called the crew of a science team from University of Washington, published in 2016 Natural Communications A study in which they explained the checks that they were doing with those marsupials. Finally, this week will be launching a new release by the same team genetic causes of this solution.

Sick tumors are particularly rare. In fact, as well face fog who will destroy the Tasmanian demons, there is only a confirmation of two others: anything illegal, which will affect it dogs, and another like the leukemia that attacks clams and mussel. However, those people are not suffering from this tumor; means their study can not benefit us. Indeed, according to the researchers, some of the genera are likely to be involved in the conversion of a devastating Australian accident. common with people, so that future future development could be explored drugs that help fight.

Milk to fight

It is only possible to provide essential keys to understand the devices involved in an illness of illness already making an extremely interesting species for this animal. But that is not there, since then your milk He also has a lot to teach scientists.

There are interesting bactericidal power in some of the insects present in their milk

In particular, it is very useful as a weapon in one of the most acidic women who wanted to fight throughout their history: the battle against superbugs. According to the Spanish Society for Medicines and Health Products, The 3,000 people They die every year in Spain because of these bacteria, which have expanded capacity over time antibiotic attack resistance. So, it is essential to find other ways of fighting, before the bigger crash comes. Many researchers emphasize their work on research Bactericidal materials appear in nature, often created by plants and animals Normally in the world's most recent locations. And among them, in fact, we can not lose our friend Tasmanian Devil. This marsupial application was found in 2016 by a team of researchers from The University of Sydney, analyzing some of the numbers that are present in & # 39; milk.

As in the rest of the marsupials, descendants Tasmanian Devil born at an early stage of development and some first day of lifeone hundred in the case, inside a bag located in the body of women. That does, even with that protection system is complete, which is constantly exposed to potentially external disease, caused by non-fungi bacteria. So, it's very important that your milk with a "secret secret" food for your mothers to help them; fight. This power lives in the milk peptides, which are seats of amethyst present in the milk of each mammal, with very uneven distribution. In fact, only human milk is one of these animals You can have up to six.

After your study antimicrobial capacityThese Australian sciences were able to integrate the peptides in the laboratory, and then tested on the cultures of different stocks. In particular, they gave good results Staphilococcus aureus very genuine, the superbug par excellence, and also there Enterococcus resistant to vancomycin.

In fact, the Tasmanian demon is good good looking, But what would human beings do without?

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