The teacher had sex with a 17 year old student and was recorded: in the attack they found 675 grams of marijuana


Narrative UNO / Image Group

To enforce, a representation of pornographic products and also wanted to break a law of 20,000 formal drugs for a 35-year-old teacher, after he found that his registration was & # 39; catching sex to one of the students who are 17 years old.

The man met, from the first letters H. O. H., the child because he was teaching history in the school where the teenager was educated; attending. Accepting its & # 39; linked so it has been confirmed that she was home at the Quinta Normal, as indicated Radio Bío Bío.

He also had eight bottle of marijuana

According to the Office of the Northern Electoral Center, not only does it contain records, but also photographs of a sex scene. Similarly, the abusive organist raised the dissertation that all these events were held between April and September this year.

It was also checked that when the teacher's home was investigated, eight bottles were found with 675.99 grams of marijuana.

For all these facts, the professor was in detention as he was seen as a danger to society.

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