The teacher will fall after the effects of students who are experiencing; haul


On the morning of November 27, Nguyen Thi Phuong Thuy's house is opposite Duy Ninh Secondary School (Duy Ninh's company, Quang Ninh, Quang Binh) is a lot of people. coming and wanting to & # 39; Encourage calm teachers after receiving the system. Outcome of student cheeks. There are many colleagues in Duy Ninh, students at level 6.2.

The face face, eye eyes, undesirable tears, Ms. Thuy do not eat anything for a few days. Work was banned, she was at home but she could not go through ill health, an ineffective spirit. When a group needs to represent, Ms. Thuy a & # 39; walk from home to school.

Being aware of the media, social networks talk about the event, the whole family, it is not sure that it is; reading newspapers, television and network. The person of Mrs. Thuy, a driver in the office of Dong Hoi, retired from his wife's home. At this time, the Thuy family welcomes the authorities' decision, promises to comply with the law strictly.

Nguyen Thi Phuong Thuy is suspended from teaching. Photograph: Hoang Thao

Nguyen Thi Phuong Thuy is suspended from teaching. Photograph: Hoang Apple

The teacher has 19 years of teaching

Graduate in Mathematics Physics at the University of Quang Binh, in 1999, Thuy graduated from Hien Ninh High School. From 2000 to 2018, she taught in the Hải Ninh mark, about 7km from her home.

According to Mr Le Cong Trang, Chief Executive of Hai Ninh High School, Ms. has called "Advanced Labor". Thuy. At work, the teacher instructs his / her; class "normal", "records do not see anything wrong".

From the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year, to care for three children, a 41-year-old teacher applied for teaching in the comune and was awarded to level 6.2. There are 27 students at their class, Most students are average and poor, many are unsure, so they often stand at the school competition. Thuy Ms. has introduced many steps to improve the quality of classroom learning and training, but is not effective.

In a class of events, as many students are swearing, the teacher will be able to; children's punishment that will break their & # 39; breaking her sadly. "This was only done for two weeks until it was shown by student families," she said.

I was back at school, happy and friendly with my companions. Photograph: Hoang Thao

I came back to school, happy and happy with my companions. Photograph: Hoang Apple

Just as soon as Hoang Long Nhat, 230 slap, has been diagnosed with a sanction, Thuy visited her and her daughter, Miss. On the hospital every time, family is sorry. The teacher's father is still ill, giving thanks to the driver so that the parents can rest.

His parents took him to the forgiveness. When the authorities charged the lawsuit at Duy Ninh High School, the parents visited the home and asked the teacher. Two houses in the same community, not far apart.

On the same day, Colonel Doan Thanh Tuyen, chief of the district police officer of Quang Ninh, said the unit is working properly to decide its case, to ensure that the situation is reasonable. "If the penalty is put into force against the island, we will expand the inquiry later," said Colonel Tuyen.

On the evening of 19/11, Ms. asked. Thuy has 23 students in the & # 39; Slow class on Hoang Long Japan as a result of its class damage. He then went into the hospital cure, and then he went back to school. The police of Quang Ninh has put the case on others who were tortured at Dune Ninh High School.

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