The team team was Eriksson's coach, praising Quang Hai


"Alvaro Silva is a huge defender. I think he can play at all levels and environment," Eriksson said after his & her; game with Thailand.

Alvaro Silva opened his Az Cup Suzuki 2018 game after two unsuccessful successes. A team will Most of the Quang Hai team is ready. When Adisak is the "power off" against the stripper number 1 of Thailand.

The spectacular exhibition at this Spanish mid-game was a fascinating Shupan. "It's tough, it's really good, it's fast. Silva is very important to the Philippines team," Eriksson coach evaluated the student.

Alvaro Silva (No 33) had a good game when he broke the stars in Thailand

Talk to her & # 39; A game by Thailand, Eriksson coach said that the Philippines should be the winning team. "The Philippines were playing well for 90 minutes, the face is a strong challenge. We play better than Thailand. The draw is bad, but the Philippines should win. We also stay, we'll be in the final. "

With 1-1 in Thailand, the Philippines's opportunity to win tickets to the final competitions is quite clear. At this time, the Scots get 7 points together, but they are behind Thailand due to bad balance. In the last game of the game on 25/11, the Eriksson army was not only allowed to be the guests on the Indonesia park. At the same time, at home, Thailand has to welcome Singapore still having access to semi-finals.

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