The Technical University of Košice has two new halls equipped with equipment


They will use their students, researchers and their companies.

November 2018 at 16:10 TASR

KOSICE. The Technical University at Košice opened two new works of work on Tuesday.

Students, researchers and companies use the Framework and Innovation Center (PAI) of Faculty of Engineering and a Special Investigation Laboratory on the Faculty of Civil Engineering.

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Working for the month

According to Dean Mechanical Learning Machinery, František Trebuň, there are special tools in the PIC.

Its technology and equipment equipment includes welding machine, turning center and CNC milling, CNC milling machines, flame laser machine, wire cutting, hydraulic shampoo papers, machine scissors, grid airplane, drill station and rod rod.

"In particular, they will bring our researchers to their hills, because they can do what they are thinking. Alongside our students, because they can work on the students, these machines and our businesses, because they are not available, we can develop, manufacture and manage. New tools, which remain in the stubborn state, are consolidated and put them in the month, "he said.

The centers will develop the status of the university

The portfolio of research is designed to deal with technologies that create environmentally friendly, more efficient and cost-efficient designs to work.

"The strength of the materials, the elasticity, the enforcement forces and the help exams are here. New and new bridge systems are tested here, for example, to solve the surface of our roads," said the Deputy First Minister for Investigation and Assessment of Richard Rasí (Smer-SD).

Accordingly, the two archives will increase the university's credits as well as the grade rating.

For European and university funding

The two centers were made from European Union funds, but paid by the TUKE themselves.

The PAW was built in two stages, its first phase was achieved in two stages.

The first is between 2014 and 2016 with a cost of € 1.62 million and the second one is looking to build up tools and offers over € 90,000 in 2017.

The second phase was maintained between 2017 and 2018, and only from the TUKE Engineering Department.

The very good research laboratory was built in two stages. In addition to EU funding, the College's own resources were used for over 200,000 euros.

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