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The German teenager Zuwei Ruifu broke into the end of the year's end. (AP)

The Swiss king Roger Federer won the game at the end of the ATP year and was sent to his & her; Germany "King of the Kings" Alexander Zverev 7-5, 7-6. Among them, there was a small dispute at the important moment of the second set that was; catch hold 7, and the audience at Zuwei Ruifu climbed after their game.

Federer was attacking at the time, but Zuvreif asked her to have a & # 39; chadha behind Federer lost his lost member. He thought that this was not a big issue and he did; ask it to transcribe. The two judges and Federer did not see their & # 39; a camp where there was a ball, but at the end they decided to go to; Play again, Zuwei Ruifu gave the chance to beat Ace! Most of Federer's fans supporters were. They would be angry and indeed, and would like to go to; respected Zuvreiff.

Zuvyev said: "I want to make an excuse for everyone. I know that everyone is supporting Federer. I'm just excused Federer. There is no intention I have to complain anyone. I can only say that there is a problem. " Fortunately, Zuvyev has grown. He was tough and always enthusiastic, and the host attacked him, and the spectators affected him.

Federer's height is naturally to describe this kind of thing: "No matter, Zuvilif has not done something wrong, and does not need an excuse. The rule is the rule. at all. I do not hope that the little boy should not worry or sleep well. "

The star of the Novak Djokovic member is the enemy at the Zuwei Ruifu destination. Unfortunately, Federer became a soldier, and his 100th appointee was very tight, and I'm afraid he'll be in the hands of Qiao Shuai.

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