The terrible breakdown in FaceTime left the eavesdropping @ Slo-Tech


9to5Mc – In the Apple & FaceTime video app, find a fragment that allows people to go to; delete. On devices with iOS 12.1, it is possible to establish a connection with its name, even though it is not even a & # 39; answering call. It is enough to send it to your phone (that is, from the place we want), add Person to a call, and add it to the # 39; your group conversation (telephone number). In this way, we will set up a calling group through FaceTime, to which the person we want to come. Although the convener did not get a call and still has a & # 39; Seeing the ring on the phone, the convener can cite he heardSouth Westerly

This includes a major security hazard that Apple has FaceTime disabled for a short time until this week is to be repaired. For now, you do not have any right to defend this attack, but only do we phone out corporately, so Apple has no choice at all. at all. But he continues his bumps. If the convener is heard on the Power button on a locked screen, that is, to refuse a call, he will hear the convener, and the last person will hear and I saw it named. The whole connection will then be established while the phone is & # 39; spend.

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