The terrible mistake in the Libertadores Cup that disturbed the Argentine team


After winning the Liberta Cup, River fans continue to be able to continue. celebrated with great pleasure. But there are other club fans in Argentina, sunk by mistake in the coup.

After the impact against Boca and getting her & # 39; sucks Libertadores, fans The River They continue to be popular, and to the prestigious title he says he has won for his classical competitors.

But fans of another Argentine club do not share the millions of joy, not just Boca, for a big mistake that can be seen in the & # 39; puppy.

The image of all fans The River I expect to see in the "Batch" the "logo" with its name; championship that is added to the club every year.

As a result of this image, the person of the title gained by Estudiantes de la Plata was able to see in the town 2009, but with a terrible mistake: he says "Club Students of La Plata ".

Until now nobody had aware of this error, but the fans Click They understood this mistake and did not let it.

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