The test starts for females from & # 39; Red Socks & # 39;


One year after he recognized the Lupita girl, known as "red socks", Waiting nine months because there is no idea in a crown Nezahualcóyotl, This Thursday he started the lawsuit against his mother, Yadira Medina, and his companion, Pablo Rodríguez Escamilla, for snow.

Marina Concepción, a sister, minister, the first one found evidence in the oral court of the convicts Nezahualcóyotl,. She said that her sister and her brother-in-law, who were responsible for the death of the child, deceived her family for months by saying that Lupita was living with another friendship.

I can not allow this to stay like that, they have made so much damage to the girl, I do not express them, the authorities decide whether they are guilty or not, but in fact my sister knows that I wanted that girl to take care and asked me and they did not want to take me, "said Marina.

On March 8, 2017 the body of the little girl, which was found just with some red socks, in a rubbish bend in the town Xochiaca Boardthere Nezahualcóyotl. For almost 9 months, the rents were still not known. Later known that his name was Lupita, four years old, and died after her brother and her mother met.

General of the State of Mexico requested a penalty of 70 years of age jail for a couple.

The relatives of the little girl They said they have been threatened by Pablo's relatives to withdraw the request.

During the first hearing of this test, Yadira cried when her sister saw her face. Pablo can be seen calm.

Originally complained about women to # 39; the monster of Ecatepec and his companion

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