The The Big Bang Theory has just broke a remarkable TV schedule in the last quarter


Perhaps his last event could be round the corner, only The Big Bang Theory he still breaks sturdy TV records. Well, maybe well out there … bang.

Twelve years running on CBS, t The Big Bang Theory has now officially opened the longest-running comedy competition with a total of 276 programs. The sitcom, which ends in May, will now be owned by the recorder Cheers.

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Soon the team took a turn for the show's milestone, with Kaley Cuoco thanking supporters for their support for Instagram. "She wrote, blessed, wonderful, thankful," she said.

Kunal Nayyar was so pleased to be part of a TV history, telling supporters beside a painting of the script 276: "There are no words in any language that may indicate their love. to you all … so, from my heart, I love you. "

Long Big Bangits successes are at the heart of its success, the series will include a different approach to its most recent event by removing one of the elements t biggest (science with fun) – its audience.

Kaley – who plays Penny – recently confirmed that the member of the audience will not be filming their final scenes before a live audience, trying to make the record without getting bigger t hard luck.

“We are going to try to do all the thing beforehand, so we will have killed it, then we'll have a viewer,” she explained. "Perhaps that was because they knew I would be crying all the time."

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The Big Bang Theoryand the last season appearing on Thursday at 8 / 7c on CBS and All Access CBC in the US. E4 appears in the UK.

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