The third is happy: this time with the help of Alenka Bratušek for the service you want?


According to our information, the roof of the Minister of Infrastructure, led by Alenka Bratušek, was the green light for his / her; The first high profile exchange in the state energy sector.

According to their plan, the Holding Slovenske elektrarne (HSE) regulation, one of the largest two largest electric electricity groups, employing over three thousand people, taking over Stojan Nikolic, who was a member of the rule, oversight.

As we get out unofficially, the land is in place instead of the CEO Matjaz Marovt edited by Nikolic himself, with the permission of the chairman of his board of directors Milan PerovicNext Post According to our information, before the previous meeting and its informal work, the remaining directors made sure Maurot was able to join and post Stojan Nikolic.

Nikolic's latest thing takes over HSE?

The supervisors should follow the debate about this at a Friday meeting. Depending on the location announced before the meeting, Nikolic and Marovt would be taking place in HSE. The former one would be a managing director and the other would be move to the position of a member of the director who is responsible for producing for a long time.

At the same time, managers would have a free place in HSE management, which could be three members, filled with the appointment of a new management board that is responsible for & # 39 ; do. It is said that this has been Mojca Letnik, a member of the Premogovnik Velenje administration, which Stojan Nikolić gave to this situation.

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All this would mean that Stojan Nikolic, who for a long time considered the most powerful in the domestic energy sector, was positive to accepting all surrender regulated in the HSE Group.

Nikolic is already under the Marovt, set up by SMC in the spring of last year, that the number is true in HSE. In the months after the elections, it would look for different options for its & # 39; Marowt's decision from the post. At the beginning of autumn, he was talking about retiring and retiring to Dravske elektrarne, one of the HSE companies.

Matjaz Marovt, General Manager of HSE

Matjaz Marovt, General Manager of HSE
Photograph: STA

What does the HSE first director say?

Over four years of work in HSE administration, Nikolic managed to "three" survive three Heads: Blaža Košoroka, The Influence Squirrels and now Matjaz Marovt is obvious. He started involved in all of them in conflict, where he appeared even stronger. Only in a short time, in 2016, its position was covered by a failure of a band with which HSE wanted to pay a portion of the debts to the European Investment Bank (EIB).

The official definitions are currently. We asked Milan Perovič a number of questions. We were interested in:

  1. Why did you recommend the appointment of the HSE Chief Executive at the last session of the Board of Directors?
  2. Why do you think? Stojan Nikolic is a candidate better for this job?
  3. Can you deny that HSE is coming to directors? Mojca Letnik?
  4. Have you agreed with representatives from the Slovenian State Company (SDH) and the Ministry of Infrastructure?

"We did not think anything from the Board of Directors," Perovič explained to Perovič did not respond to his / her additional question he was Talk to individual leaders before the session or informal work. Perovič said he was "an expert with many management expertise in Slovakian and international companies" during his last year's appointment, Matjaž Marovt.

Who gave a green light for "HSE work"

Perovich is considered to be Nikolog's close-up. As early as last April, we opened the network of business and business connections around HSE and the Surname Holding Company (SDH), the state property scanner manager. In the same month, HSE managers Nikolić received a new four-year term as a member of the Board of Directors.

Alenka Bratušek, Minister for Infrastructure

Alenka Bratušek, Minister for Infrastructure
Photograph: STA

Nikolić agrees also to the top of the HSE with his line of ministry for infrastructure, which is under the control of Alenka Bratušek (SAB) party. After applying for several sources, he would allow to celebrate Jernej Pavlič, head of Minister's Cabinet Alenka BratusekSouth Westerly

Today, this information was rejected by the Ministry of Justice today. "The ministry does not elect either the board members or board members of the company that you are referring to, but it is in the field of SDH. , representatives of the ministry did not speak to the people you are talking about in your questions, "explained.

We know that Nikolic is a very good relationship with him Urošem Čuferjem, a government minister in the government, Alenka Bratusek. He also participated in the installation of a bad barrier, the Today's Banking Fund Management Company (DUTB). In HSE, Nikolic was appointed in August 2014, in the last month of the Bratuska government.

Is it hurting instead of SDH?

For now, it is unclear whether representatives of HSE could be coordinated by other political parties. According to some information, Nikolic's office is supported by a member of the Board of Directors who has been recruited to him; Social Democrat (SD) quota.

Surely, the new location in the HSE would have put the new storm in partnership, Complain with the rest of the partners in the past. This time, especially on the connection between SMC and SAB, this is a & # 39; The first party of the roles the party has so far managed is the first prize Look at CerarSouth Westerly

With the "HSE operation", Nikolic received the last train through the re-location that the Slovenian State Company (SDH) management board could be nearby. According to some information, this will happen before the end of the year. It is not yet clear that, and what role, will the current president stay in the management of SDH Lidia GlavinaSouth Westerly

As previously mentioned, Perović did not respond to the question he was in; Co-ordination with SDH representatives and Ministry of Infrastructure on the planned revival.

The cash flow of HSE is declining. New problems for coal minerals.

HSE created EUR 1.52 billion last year, up to EUR 340 million more than in 2016. It achieved a good profit of 53 million euros, almost one third less than a previous year. HSE says that it represents a 17% lower deployment of electricity in its & # 39; The main reason for this is in hydro-electric power plants and 4% of thermal energy plants.

Premogovnik Velenje

Premogovnik Velenje
Photograph: Velenje coal mine

The Group, with Termoelektrarna Šoštanj (TEŠ), Coal Mine Velenje, Drava and Soška elektrarna still has a huge debt. On the last day of the year, there were more than 851 million people in the financial liabilities of vans, and HSE's parent company was good at 236 million euros. HSE debt amounted to 6.3 hours of cash flow from work (EBITDA), which is means that his / her company is convicted. Cash flows decrease in 2017 with 57 million euros. It was just under 138 million euros.

Tesch 6. is a largest millstone of HSE business 6. Šoštanj Thermal Power Plants lasted a good EUR 32 million loss. This is four times larger than the profit created by the most profitable subsidiary companies – Drava Power Plants.

The situation is also getting worse in the Premogovnik Velenje. At the end of the year, its loss company had almost a balance of balance, according to a little bit of information; HSE could be rejected, it was expected to be just before tax.

"The ultimate business has helped us with our flexibility and response in sales and electricity trading on a European market. The impact of these is reflected in the HSE Agency's development of domestic and European market and in major operating income, due to a poor unhealthy situation not to lose all profitability, "Marovt and Nikolic wrote in the annual report.

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