The third victim at Muzema had a week to move to the building


The dream of home ownership. The truth in many Brazilians. Claio Rodrigues, 41, and his wife Adilma Rodrigues, 35, joined more than 15 years with their daughter, Clara, in the chimomum where two buildings collapsed during the Friday. T the community of Muzema, in West Zone. The rescue was made by firemen, but in hospital, Claudio was not dying.

"Living in a dream was living for them," said Claudius's brother-in-law, who named it Gutemberg.

He says that they moved directly because the wave was living, suffering from a stormy storm in February.

"In the water in February, their street flooded. It was disorderly. They really wanted to move in to get a bit of peace," he said.

Clududio Rodrigues, 41, had moved with his family a few days back to the fallen condominium.
Clududio Rodrigues, 41, had moved with his family a few days ago to fall into the condominium that fell.

Claudio was the secretary of the Muzema Residents Association and lived in one of the rooms owned by his wife Adilma and her 10 year old daughter Clara. Relatives said that they had sold Claudio the car to pay for part of the building and that it was affecting the rest. After his death, his brother-in-law went to mourning.

“We hoped he would be out of here. A lot of sadness. And now, we'll continue to hope that Adilma will survive.

Clara, the daughter of the couple, with small injuries, was released on Friday afternoon in the Unimed Hospital in Barra da Tijuca.

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