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Smart speakers are one of the most exciting new areas of devices. They are still fully developed. However, we had not yet had any speakers Stob Brightthe direction of buying. The reason was simple: they weren't still supporting the Netherlands, they weren't still selling them in the Netherlands, or both. Take the Amazon Echo with a Alexa helper: you can order in Holland, but only English. Or the Apple HomePod: he doesn't want to sell it in the Netherlands and doesn't support the Dutch Siri.

Last year Google Google sent the Google Home in Holland, with a Dutch Google Assistant. But one smart speaker doesn't do the top three, so we're waiting for the competition. We think this is the best option: t

a & # 39; Google Home which is at the entrance level for the best price (€ 149). The cheaper Google Home Mini (59 euro) is too small for us.

a & # 39; Harman Kardon Citation One for those who want a better sound and better design (199 euros).

And the Sonos One for those who are patients (229 euros). That's right: Sonos One is soon to be given the Google Assistant, but is one of your top speakers to buy. Strong, accessible sound to a multi-room system and support for a wide range of music services and standards.

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Summit for those choosing one of these speakers: your news sources update white with the Google Home app, and you can say "listen to technology news" and summary report on the most important technology issue. The Bright Update is also available on WhatsApp: send BRIGHT AAN to 06-10020160.

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