The three plagues that threaten humanity in the 21st century


It is a problem, sub-care and climate change of three waterfalls that threaten humanity and must be addressed all over the world because they are tied. Experts want to have food multi-groups established as tobacco industry.

obesity, poor care and climate change are the three issues of the same threat to humanity and they must be fought to the world, say experts. Accordingly, tobacco steering should have multinational food companies. These problems are "Give common tools", according to those experts: "Powerful components, sufficient political response and lack of partnership with civil society".

So, the solutions must be commonplace, comment on those experts, gathered in a collection by The Lancet. The prestigious British magazine published on Monday on these experts' report, from the University of Auckland (New Zealand), the University of George Washington (the United States) and the NGO Health Work Alliance.


Political responses are unsuitable

This devolved document is the result of its first inspection of its & # 39; link between food and the environment, published January 17 The Lancet. It was recommended that red meat be consumed in the world and sugar and doubled products, vegetables and nuts. 43 experts from 14 countries come from the work, the new report has been launched; guide to: "In the last 20 years, obesity, climate change concerns and concerns are considered separately and there are unacceptable policy response difficulties. "

"These three features interact: not only does the food system depend discharged diseases greed and love, but also creating 25 to 30% distributions de greenhouse gases ", saying specialists, especially aimed at raising cattle. Other interaction: "Our transport systems are managed car promoting an unusual lifestyle [pneumatography[avectroppeud'activité[legnìomhachdrobheag[avectroppeud’activitécorporate, The ed] long as it is & # 39; Generating 14 to 25% of greenhouse gas emissions. "

Telephone to monitor multi-national arable businesses or Big Food

According to this report, the food production system (based on it "International campaigns of food and drink aimed at profits"), agricultural policies, transport modes and urbanization are therefore the different links in the same series, which reinforce humanity and its; planet. "Severe funding and obesity may be severely eliminated by climate change", predict the experts. Snow weather, for example drying, both to hit some food and their; price and vegetable price, which would add to the consumption of business food.

"You need to be aware of these links", arguing that one of the authors in the report, Professor Corinna Hawkes, who praises a complete answer. This response would combine health policies; public (proposals for healthy death, physical activity promotion, etc.) and fiscal and fiscal policies (financing sustainable production methods, taxes to wear red meat or the promotion of non-motor transport …).

For the authors of the report, the multinationals of the reportalimentary (named as Big Food) should be framed in the same way as tobacco. They recommend creating a "Framework Convention on Food Systems", designed after the Framework for Tobacco Control Framework (CCLA) Framework. This text, which was incorporated in 2003 by the World Health Organization (WHO), aims to reduce tobacco measurements but also to combat anti-agitation. this business to influence public policies.

"In 2016-17, the US $ 50 million soft drinks department had lobbied to deal with measures to reduce soda consumption.", according to the report. "An food clearly different from tobacco, because it is essential for life, but this is not true for food that is bad for the health of someone ", arguing one of the authors, Professor William H. Dietz. "The general (between business food waste and tobacco) the harm they cause and the behavior of companies that benefit them "it's added to it.

What is remembered

  • A collection of scientists will launch a journal call The Lancet.
  • Depending on them, there are three problems that are related to fighting.
  • They want food makers more precisely because of their impact on global health.

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