The three universal (interconnected) widespread diseases that threaten humanity


There are three unwanted discharged diseases that threaten humanity: obesity, difficulty and climate change. Now, find a new report today that these three risks have a strong link. And it is the food industry and the political leaders who are responsible.

Researchers will view this "syndemy global". There are three of the worst dangers we are at the moment – at the very first different perspective – it would only be a? case onlyone and the same danger. There is a close link between famine, nutrition and global warming, according to a report published by experts The Lancet. And for researchers, the "Big Food" is responsible.

"Over the past 20 years, liver, difficulty and climate change have been considered separately and there are unacceptable policy response problems., can we read in this new report. Not only does the food system depend on waxed disease and obesity, but also 25 to 30% of greenhouse gas emissions., depends on global warming. "Combining the three discharges of disease can allow us to consider common solutions, with the aim of breaking decades of political problems".

Big Food Impact

Efforts are being made to keep these problems. Several solutions are recommended to fight against global warming. Some methods are also applied to try out the poorer activities and feed the obstacles to account for the dangers that occur; in waste food. Despite everything, these problems are still there, and it seems to move into the wrong road. This disaster, if it is due to a lack of demand for changes from the public, comes to credit political leadership. The second is affected Big Food Actorsaccording to the researchers, who oppose any change aimed at citing commercial issues purchased.

For the authors of the report, food dishes should be managed in the same way as tobacco companies. "What's like Big Tobacco is going to lie in the damage they are causing and in the behavior of the companies that benefit from", the writing of William Dietz, of the University of Washington Washington (SA) and co-author of the study. One of the solutions was one; The researchers have to set up a global agreement of energy restriction and the impact of the food food industry. In other words: fight against this activity's lobbying to prevent the impact on political actors.

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Dian-cattle reproduction in the United States. Beliefs: Greenpeace

Changes are needed

And these changes need to be done right now. "According to current enterprises in terms of economic development, population growth and food provision, it is estimated that there will be a 50% increase in worldwide demand for food and food 2050. the effects anomalous addition to deforestation, abnormality and acceleration of climate change ", can we read The Lancet.

A bit dark that looks at the study, published by the same newspaper a few days ago. The British team of researchers was led by Tim Lang of the University of London, and noted that there was a need to change in a global diet. The only real solution for future food problems: to do and to; eat half so much sugar and red meat, and twice as many vegetables, fruit and nuts.

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The three universal (interconnected) widespread diseases that threaten humanity

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