The three ways Kemba Walker cooked the Sixers at a 60-point historical night


Kemba Walker shot up Philadelphia 76ers for a 60-minute night on 61 percent burning. It was a great showcase of creativity, strength and star excellence to promote one of the best league stars at a funny night.

The evening was professional and licensing here Achievement for Walker, until Jimmy Butler hit back three because the clock was near to attack the Charlotte Hornets in a long run, 122-119.

But Walker's inspirational show remains the most important thing.

Chog Walker dropped 21-of-34 scenes, and killed 12-12 of the free throwing line and 6-a-14 deep. No one can stop him, what Butler even known after her gameSouth Westerly

This is what Walker spent an amazing 60-minute night – 58 who came into control, and 19 of them arrived in the city; fourth quarter.

1. Walker (which is small and fast) defends Embiid's protection for its benefit

Its wood is a The NBA is worried about what we know in 2018. It's just 6 & 1, it's not long wings, and most of it, walkers & # 39 ; look compared to the other NBA football players. In fact, It was just a second 6 & 1 player (Allen Iverson) to crawl 60 or more in a gameSouth Westerly

Walker, strong and running-run runs without fear, instead A little dumping and explosion show at the edge.

Embiid, at 7 & 1, did not send a Walker at his dad.

Not around the arc.

Not in paint.

Walker used how fast it was to benefit Embiid from the flames, and visit him for his / her; most of the night. (Embiid finished with five clouds)

2. Walker's supporter's jumper took the defensive protection

Walker can drive the drives straight to his / her; decided to change rapidly to move into step units, and hit that efficiency out of its & # 39; balance. It's so hard to burn on the dribble, no matter how easy & # 39; s is what Steph Curry is doing, and that Walker is one of the few in the league that the green light should be at & # 39; present these scenes to date.

He used the step back to create a place from Butler in paint.

And from the arc.

Look at how well their legs are & # 39; Provides support from the non-rhythmic nature of a picture that emerges from steps back. Walker is manufactured as well as # 39; as they get.

3. Walker made the defense payable on each open view

Some nights it was your night, and that was true for Walker. It would especially drain every open jumper from a range, especially in the second half.

The thunders came to pour.

Where to catch:

And where to leave:

He was a historic man; at Walker night, even at a loss. He pointed out that he is at the same level as the same Damian Lillards and Kyrie Irvings of the NBA, and Charlotte should be long-standing & they are. It may be time to move for a star.

Bonus ***

This did not go into the hunting types, but show how glorious this eviction was.


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