The Thursday inflation is nominated for November and it is expected that it will be around 3%


Indec announces this Thursday, inflation data last November, which is they would be below 3%, thus the costs of collecting up to date would increase by 42% this year, based on private estimates.

The October Consumer Price Survey had fallen by 5.4%, and 45.9% in the last twelve months, due to A strong rise in rates, pre-preparation and clothing and shoes.

According to the Orlando Ferreres economic knowledge center, there was 2.5% inflation in November each month. "Continue the price to show signs have been increasingly lower in November," he said.

He thought "in particular, the things with the highest number of food and drink, combined with mixed products", with a 2.5% change of 5.8%, separately. Although the sharp increase in prices affecting its & # 39; society, the lower income sectors are a huge deal of suffering.

According to data from Indec, until October, the basic food basket and basic requirements – which prove the level of poverty – a & # 39; an increase of 54.6%.

Although the basket of image, which compounds only food, recorded an anniversary increase of 51.5%. On the other hand, said Elypsis adviser The inflation was 2.8% in November.

At the same time, the Market Survey (REM) Survey published its & # 39; Central Bank that analysts expect the increase in the & # 39; cost to stay in the coming months.

Due to this emergency breakdown on his & # 39; inflation movement, this year ends with a general increase in prices between 45 and 50%, one of the highest levels in the world and compared to the events in 1991.

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