The tight social networks: Tomorrow after Malaya won Life


It is also essential to show fire fans to the parents of the Park Hang teacher – this is happy as they are both inside and outside My Dinh Park. Social networks have held these months. However, some flowers continue to & # 39; fun that is not ready.

[VIDEO] Cong Phuong, a British German, broken heart millions

Before the battle, the message network will put together to "delete the joy", do not fire. VFF warned who the smell was immediately stored, leaving her & # 39; garden. Some players make their fans "crazy" enough. Despite these efforts, the lines were repeated several times in the centers. Although rapidly resolved, the hot time (picture 1) is still a & # 39; drop into the lens and spread on Facebook.

This behavior is certainly critical. Many people are disturbing that Vietnam is at risk of having to face the field or without observers in the next round. An angry internet community "with young people but it is the team's effects and thousands of real fans impact on it.

They "hunt" the followers who are responsible for the & # 39; behaviors mentioned. Another Facebooker said: "Security control is not good. If you do not take the rods, what fire do you have.

In addition, video portraits of several fans' progress (image 2) will also be discussed. Many people are surprised at her; heard, whispered as long as Will it get tickets while they are? smuggling into the garden, the price is much more soft. Facebooker is also going to send & # 39; question: "Security is like that, if something goes wrong with those who are going through that" wonderful door "?

Net on the web: Fever after the impact of Malaysia - picture 1

Love for "grandparents" today

The hot social networks: Shit after the Malaya impact - picture 2

"God, bizarre barbarian!" Many websites say under "video love as the vase" made of two men and young souls. Looking at her request for the driver, climbing it into the car, and her. Waiting for her she can not carry the lightweight so that the driver changes as a child (picture 3), to see her beautiful life. right!

The grandsons are always Facebooker, saying, which is very hearty, sweet, warm and hearted. Even so, some young people "want" to go to; buy a car like a color; car and a "shop" who loves her bike to ride to that day's vision. If you have a place where the tag messages contain a sense of sustainability. Then say, "those that come from the heart will" "connect to the" heart "and" #; Brilliant things, at least through the internet!


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