The time that has been happening is not a long time ago, a & # 39; Looking twice around Earth


Two times around Earth in just 15 minutes?

This spectacular trip is possible for a showcase from the time of the international space station that was released last year by the European Union.

The spectacular style, which allows spectators to see a distinctive landform (such as Italy), has many stormy storms and clear urban centers that appear from darkness of space, consisting of 21,375 Images of the Earth captured by ESA spearhead and the International Speech Station, head of Alasdair Gerst.

The video will travel from Turkey over Beijing and Australia, Showing a planet every day to a two-hour night, & # 39; Move significantly over deep blue waters and cloud-like clouds.

The 15-minute clip was moved up to 12.5 times faster than the premiere of the theater, according to

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