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The Projekt RED home studio studio CD is not included in the Epic Games Shop. Information on this issue was provided by the developer on Twitter in response to the question of one of the followers.

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Cyberpunk 2077 does not go abroad with Metro Exodus.


  1. Producer: CD Projekt RED
  2. Published: Warner Bros. (United States), Bandai Namco Entertainment (part of Europe), CD Projekt (Poland)
  3. Sort of: RPG shooter / action
  4. platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One
  5. Publication date: Unknown

One of the issues in the heat of the week is the subject of how special a version of the Metro Exodus PC is for the Epic Games Store platform. Many players ask what other games that Epic Games win for their source, and one of the heat extracts changed in this context Cyberpunk 2077 was waiting for a dual-fuel and RPG shooter with CD Projekt RED.

The developer seems not interested in deciding this type of contract with Fortnite creators. The short message on Twitter, which has been posted in response to one of the followers' question, does not leave any doubt on its # 39; this case.

The answer is not particularly amazing because the Projekt program has's own digital platforms. If her Cyberpunk 2077 We would like to be a special title for any source, this service would be the service. Even this would be a risk for a home company the Steam cover is bigger, and the statistics (which have been inserted me in the recently created text) show that the previous title of Witold's indigenous studio 3: Dziki Gon still has a & # 39; Commercially sold on the Valve platform today. What's larger, although it was more likely to be in console publications (2015), and in the following years the computer distributes the lion division of income.

We will remember you Cyberpunk 2077 A special date is not yet published, we hope that the recent results from CD Projekt RED will not be added to this title. The production is PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and will be released in a full version of the Polish language. In eastern Europe, the game will be released by the Projekt CD itself, and in other European countries, Banda Namco Entertainment will be taken care of. The American publisher is a Warner Bros. company.

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  2. Official Epic Games Shop site
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