The Toileach Company has completed its first tunnel


The Elon Musk Tailor Purchasing Company launched this new milestone this week: it finished its first tunnel in LA; excavation. Musk sent a video of the break to his Twitter account, and # 39; Show where the machine arrives at & # 39; point-end, which company wants O & O's station.

The video shows populations; gather at the last place looking long & # 39; s the device will pass through. In October, Twitter account of Toiley Company postcard of the station, who is ArsTechnica Notes have been announced for the recent disappearance of a SpaceX / Toring Company employee.

Work on a test tunnel began two thousand last year, and earlier this month, Musk video out on his trip down on his / her; month, saying the tunnel is still scheduled to be opened to the public on 10 December. The company has large plans for the area: it plans to excavate additional tunnels, and they recently received an agreement to build a prototype tunnel that allowed it to be installed. carrier carrying a car from the garage to the tunnel.

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