The tooth outside the child's mouth excavation


According to doctors at the age of 1, parents should take children to a dentist regularly.

All parts of our body have a close relationship. That's why a part of it is painful or unusual, and the rest of it can be & # 39; feeling uncomfortable Even though it is a small part, there is a detrimental effect on the entire system, such as teeth. Toothpaste as well as eating well, it also allows you to have a & # 39; Feeling tired, weak all day long.

Invertebrates cause the child to have a frequent pain.

Invertebrates cause the child to have a frequent pain.

Chelle Ebron Trance, a Filipino mother, shares another story about her son's oral health. The story was spread rapidly on social networks.

A tooth on the upper side has been underneath and hitting her & # 39; inside of the mouth, making a hole, but Chelle thought that his son had a sick mouth. After looking at her, she moved to see the doctor to "spit the dentist" inaccurate. " Chelle decided to share his story so that parents can learn more about how they deal with their teeth.

Dr. Deneb Grace Pelaez, D Dental Center D, says that what happens to a rare boy. But the teeth can happen to anyone. "There are cases where permanent teeth grow when the toothpaste does not cause teeth to grow in the wrong way," said the doctor.

If this is true with your child, Dr. Pelaez recommends that your child will give the dentist just as Chelle did. The doctor stressed the importance of regular inspections as a child. "From age 1, your child may be given the dentist for dental care and parts of the oral bay," the doctor advised.

Regular and constant teeth restoration:

When the teeth are put into place, the teeth of the milk will be melted, teeth will be broken; take them and fetch permanent teeth. What teeth do they have before changing. If you do not love yourself, take your child to a dentist for a medical examination and spit.

5-7 years of incisional middle engines, & # 39; including the incisors between milk. This time the child also gets to grow; first molar (large mortar) after the second molar (see this is a permanent teeth, unchanged).

7-8 years of incisional endothelial growth, which incorporates the tight rims.

– 9-10 years of sweethearts (little mortar) first, place the first molecular tooth instead.

– 10-11 years old instead of milk fangs.

– 11-12 years of suppliers (small mortar) second, instead of other molar teeth.

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