The top 10 best concerts in December 2018


Deal with your musical gifts before Christmas.


Winter Settlement Exit

For the ninth time, the worst December reggae rhythms will be based on the outbreak of the Exit. gu Babylon Studio Jah Mason and Turbulence singers from Jamaica come from the Fireman Team, as well as many others. Sign term December 1 and buying tickets.

Dedicated Practices

An American rap group brings their hard songs to Slovakia, and they will submit to songs that do not hear the Latin American roots of their members. You can welcome a tour from Los Angeles 5 December at the Majestic Music Club in Bratislava. Here you will get tickets.

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Gus G.

Greek Guitar, Konstantinosa Karamitroudis himself, did not need rock and metal fans. If you want more stringent music, you can remember it from Ozzy Osbourne or to the Firewind project itself.

Gus, however, is now solely responsible for himself – he has already published his third album Fearless. Cookies will surely be heard 5 December in the Randal club.

My baby

The Vietnamese-New Zealand My Baby band comes to Slovakia for its sake. fifth time. At the Majestic Music Club in Bratislava a stop at a & # 39; Their Club Tour. With a ticket you can go there December 13.

There are other stops of their trip around 7 December Krakow and 14 December Vienna.

Pretty handsome

Danish metal producers came from Horsens to the world. In the early 1990s, a song was won on world hitparadies Do not leave me, composed by John Sykes, but Pretty Maids liked it. Listen to what you can December 19 in MMC.

If you do not, one day after that, 20 December, they are in Prague.

Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Poland

Paul McCartney

Although Paul McCartney has never been able to rid the bands of a band of the famous Beatles band, his route is also very successful and, ultimately but not only, for a long time. This year, a 78-year-old musician has been released on his new album Egypt Station and she will come to her December 3 to Krakow and 5 December to Vienna.


The Scottish story Hardrock celebrates its 50th birthday this year, and if you miss the concerts in April in Dunajská Streda, Nové Zámky and Rožňava, do not be afraid. Upcoming Games too 4 December to Vienna and 5 December to Budapest.


In December, folk folk Finnish arrives in Prague and Vienna – Ensiferum e will, even in a non-traditional form, sound. Although the band is known especially for lively and lively songs, they are also being proven quickly – it started in 2016 when she performed a number of exhibitions in Helsinki.

How is it going to happen? Come and see 6 December to Vienna and 7 December to the New Prague Chmelnice Club.

Inside an Accident

Symphonic metal comes to the middle of Europe at Christmas Day. After a long concert when the singer Sharon of Adel won his family and killed alone Distribution, it is finally spun with its & # 39; band.

You can see them December 11th in Prague, 12 December in Budapest and Budapest December 13 in Vienna.

Cypress Hill

The hip-hop format of Cypress Hill Laws is easy to recognize as a result of its hard drive and the exhibition at Stc stacatoat B-Real. From California they are coming to Europe where you can see them closest December 18 in Vienna – if you sold the tickets you sold.

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